Our Services: Why Buy & Sell with DCRI?


DCRI’s Services including:

  1. Providing information & access for our Clients to buy or to lease property both in Batam & Bali Islands. 
  2. Property financing through our partner Banks.
  3. Legal conveyance for property related documents.
  4. Property Marketing & Strategic Marketing Alliance.


Here are your advantages when buying property from or with DC-Realty Indonesia:

  • DCRI will assist you to finance your dream house through its partner Banks.
  • DCRI will help you and home owner to solve any kind of legal requirements needed for the transaction (Legal Conveyance).
  • Depending to home owner, normally You do not need to pay in advance the booking fee and Down payment before the approval of your loan from our loan Banks.
  • You will have access to a wide alternative of property so you can choose according to your preferences (eg. budget, location, size, etc.)
  • DCRI is run with personal touch. Meaning that you will be handled personally until all problems are solved and transaction is closed successfully.


Selling is a difficult task. Especially in a difficult economy when people tend to hold spending money. In that situation DCRI can help you to sell your property as it has competitive advantages over ordinary agencies. Below are some:

  • DCRI is not an ordinary agency as it has  full back ups from its partner Banks to finance any property sold by DCRI. Meaning that prospective buyers need not worry about their financing, which in turn strengthened their decision to buy.
  • DCRI also delivers Legal Conveyance, meaning that prospective buyers can be assured on the property to be procurred, which again in turn will help them to decide to buy your property.
  • DCRI also has its own Website for Listing. Meaning that your property will be in wide circulation around the world, which in turn increases the chance of being found by prospective buyers around the world.
  • Lastly, with DCRI your property will be in a wide property list (Internet, local media, agency list, and more importantly in a wide circulation among our satisfied customers)


We are not just an ordinary agency:

We are not just an ordinary agency. • We do not just arrange a meeting between sellers and buyers, but also solve their problems and differences. • We do not just sell property, but also arrange for the financing. • We do not just buy property, but also check & handle all their legal coveyance. • We are backed by our partner Banks for our buyers' financing need. • We do not work alone! We work closely with all stakeholders (Partner Banks, Notary, Government Agencies, other agencies). • Finally, we handle all customers personally and friendly! Isn't that great?

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